From our first date, which lasted nearly six hours, I knew that I needed to know more about this sweet woman.  Shelley exudes kindness and positivity in every aspect of her life on a level that I have never seen before.  She is an incredible mom to three children.  Reese is beginning college at UCF this year, Perrey is a junior at Timber Creek High School and Graham is beginning 7th grade at Lake Nona Middle.

Shelley was born in Nashville and was raised in Columbus, Ohio before moving to Orlando, Florida.  Shelley has taught art at the middle school grades for 12 years and her passion to see every kid succeed is immeasurable.  Her heart, creativity, and enthusiasm is huge, and her kindness is contagious.

meet Shelley

The moment I met Jason, I knew that he was kind hearted with a strong, entrepreneurial spirit with a specific goal of helping others to create beautiful experiences. Jason is originally from West Virginia and has been a fireman for Orange County for 18 years.  He also is a professional wedding photographer and has photographed weddings locally and worldwide for 18 years. 

Jason's dream has been to do exactly what we are doing now. He is a jack of all trades and tackles all tasks-whether it be becoming an insta dad to my 3 children, or climbing ladders on top of trailers for building our hops yard. You name it, Jason will figure out how to do it.

I cant wait for you to meet Jason and to be a part of this special place of gathering.

meet Jason

I never want to stop making memories with you